At PHCA, we understand that the middle school years are incredibly formative in many ways.

Our faculty and staff strive to help these students find their identity in Christ as they mature socially, academically, and spiritually. Our middle school classes are designed with a biblical worldview in mind as well as to prepare students for high school. Middle school students are also offered a variety of extracurricular opportunities including Bible studies, fine arts, and athletics.

Our Desire for Middle School

Middle School
  • Challenge and inspire students to reach their full potential

  • Caring and supportive learning environment

  • Experienced teachers

  • Small class sizes

Hybrid Program

One of the unique ways we support students entering middle school is to offer a hybrid program for our sixth grade class. These students will spend half of their day with one teacher who focuses on core subjects. The other half of the day our students rotate through elective classes; this approach allows for a timely and developmentally appropriate adjustment to the learning model used throughout the rest of our middle and high school programs.

Come visit our school!

We welcome any parents of potential students to join us for a tour.